I haven’t made any real posts yet, so I thought I might as well tell a bit about myself. I am currently 21 (but will turn 22 on March 4), and I recently enrolled in the Aarhus School of Engineering to study electrical engineering. I hope to one day work with signal processing, possibly in the professional audio equipment industry.

As you might have guessed, I have a passion for electonics and programming. It most likely stems from my childhood of playing video games. Computers have always intrigued me, and I’ve always been interested in what makes them tick. My first programming experience was BASIC on the Commodore 64. Since then, I got into web development and my primary programming language at the moment is probably PHP. My interest in web development led to the creation of SMW Central, a Super Mario World hacking resource which has grown quite a lot since its inception. Smallhacker also played a big part in its success.

I used to have a small electronics kit with a few lamps and LEDs that you could make light up, and as interesting as that was when I was little, it quickly died out due to the fact that you need a good amount of knowledge to be able to build anything meaningful. I was reminded of how much fun I had with electronics during my last year of high school, where I took a course about it. You can see some of the projects and tests I worked with on my YouTube channel.

I’m not really working on anything interesting at the moment, but I will definitely write about it here once I am. Until then!