Encounter at Farpoint

Cue a 10 minute scene of flying around the website and watching it from various angles with reaction shots of me spliced in.

So, this is Tubecloggers. It’s… uglier than I expected. Now, the time travelers from the future who look through the archive will have no idea what I’m talking about as the site will most likely be beautiful in the prosperous future I’m sure they’re from. Rest assured that when this post was written, this site was… ugh.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah. Uh. I’m Smallhacker. It’s my job to clog your tubes with random nonsense and rants in the hope of reaching internet celebrity. Yep. I’m going to become the next… uh… (insert person who got famous through blogging). Wait, do such people even exist? Uh. I dunno? Let’s pretend that there is one… and let’s call him Bob. Yep. I’m going to be the next Bob. Yeah. Can’t wait.

This is going to be awesome.